On March 5, Artem Azarov (call sign “Artist”) died bravely in the fight against the Russian occupiers.

Artem Vyacheslavovich Azarov was born on November 2, 1995 in Kharkiv City.

In 2014-2018, he received secondary special art education at Kharkiv Art School, with qualification in Painting. Since 2018, he has studied at Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts at the portrait workshop of the People’s Artist of Ukraine V.L. Hanotsky, specializing in Easel painting. His teachers were recognized artists A.S. Kremynskyi, R.Yu. Nogin, V.V. Zalishchuk, D.V. Yefimenko, K.M. Voloshko, S.V. Kovalenko, N.I. Derkach, O.M. Serdyuk. By the time of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, he was studying on 4th year, working on the creation of a graduation project. In summer 2022 he was supposed to receive a bachelor’s degree.

Artem’s works were presented at regional and all-Ukrainian art exhibitions.

Since 2009, he has been boxing professionally. Competed in weight categories up to 75 kg and up to 81 kg. He became a prize winner in Kharkiv region among adults, and had first rank. Won tournaments in Lubotyn, Chuguyev, and Pervomaisk.

Participated in creation and activities of the Military Patriotic Organization “Freikorps”.

Since 2017, he has carried out 6 combat deployments to Donbas.

In addition to many other duties, Artyom trained other Freikorps members and many supporters of the organization.

Comrades trusted Artem both in everyday life, where he was a friend, and on the battlefield, where he was a commander. They knew they could rely on him, because not only he always kept his word, but also affirmed all of his words with deeds.

A talented artist, a true aristocrat of spirit who knew how to dream and create, he also was a brave warrior who defended his country to the last and believed in victory.

Artem Azarov died on March 5, 2022 near Kharkiv at the age of 26, defending his city from the Russian occupation forces. He was buried in Shevchenko Cemetery, Merefa city.



Artem Azarov

Age: 26

Location: Kharkiv/Ukraine



Artem’s works were presented at regional and all-Ukrainian art exhibitions, in particular:

  • 13.10.20 “National heroic heritage of Ukraine. For the Day of Defender of Ukraine” — Kharkiv, Chekhov Library;
  • 6.11.20 — “Dürer” Gallery — Kharkiv;
  • 25.11.20 — Kropyvnytskyi Museum of Arts — Kropyvnytskyi;
  • 10.11.21 — Museum of Folk Art and Life of the Hutsul Region, Kosiv (Iv. Fr. Region);
  • 03/18/21 — Kharkiv Regional Organizational and Methodological Center of Culture and Arts;
  • 04/15/21 — National Heroic Heritage of Ukraine. To the 103rd anniversary of the Day of the Cathedral of Ukraine. Dürer Gallery – Kharkiv;
  • 04/06/21 — Military unit 3017 of the National Guard of Ukraine named after Petro Bolbachan;
  • 24 — 26.07.21 Festival “Under the cover of the trident – Boyarka”;
  • 07/24/21 — Museum of Ethnography and Ecology of the Carpathian Region — Yaremche;
  • 18.08.21 – “National heroic heritage of Ukraine. to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence of Ukraine” – National Museum of Folk Art of Hutsul region and Pokuttia named after Yosaphat Kobrynskyi – the city of Kolomyia;
  • 19.10. 21 — “The National Heroic Heritage of Ukraine. To the 104th anniversary of the November Order” — Ivano — Frankiv Regional Museum of the Liberation Struggle named after Stepan Bandera;
  • 21.01.22 — “National heroic heritage of Ukraine. To the 104th anniversary of the Day of the Cathedral of Ukraine” — Lviv Historical Museum.


Kharkiv, Ukraine