Decisive Conversation, 2019

Decisive Conversation, 2019

The graduation project is titled “Decisive Conversation”. A legendary event depicted in the picture may have played a significant role in the history of our country. This adventure was one of turning points in the life of Ivan Mazepa, interest in who is growing in relation to the events of the last 5 years, which proves correctness of the historical path chosen by him.
The painting depicts events of 1674, near the Ingul River, where Ivan Mazepa laid his path, and was heading with a diplomatic mission from Hetman Doroshenko to the Crimea and the Ottoman Empire. Accompanied by a Tatar escort, Mazepa brought slaves as a gift to the khan and sultan dignitaries. On the way, the convoy was defeated by the men of Ataman Sirko, and they wanted to execute Mazepa for participating in the slave convoy. His eloquence saved him, after a long conversation and long thoughts, it was decided to send Mazepa to the left-bank Hetman Samoilovych, where a new stage of the development of Ivan Mazepa as a historical figure began.

The chosen topic is important because it draws attention to the historical figure of Mazepa, who more than three centuries ago came to an unambiguous conclusion in Russian-Ukrainian relations and strengthened ideological foundation of Ukrainian independence. Now there is no doubt about the far-sightedness of his choice, although even 5 years ago a very large part of Ukrainians openly did not support his transition to Karl’s side. Today, these people prefer silence, contemplating occupied Crimea and war in the east of the country.
Along with war in the east, we are also waging an informational warfare, in which we have less success than in the first one. During ideological confrontation, the cults of Soviet and imperial figures are being erased, and instead of them, our nation has enough of its own heroes, who are worth paying attention to. Most relevant is the figure of Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa, whose historical decision has once again justified itself in the light of our modern times.

The full size picture can be viewed and downloaded here.

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